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  • My Account - Select the My Account link in the tiles below or in the top right corner of the page to view your current voluntary elections and the billing/premium associated. Please note: plans will only be visible in My Account once billing has begun.
  • Customer Service Center – Call 1-800-626-9071 to speak with a licensed insurance representative regarding your Comcast Voluntary Benefits plans.
  • Email Your Questions – Email for questions regarding your Comcast Voluntary Benefits plans.


  • No matter how safe you are, you shouldn't leave your auto unprotected. Here’s help protecting your auto at money-saving rates!

  • House? Condo? Mobile home? Apartment? No matter which you call “home,” you have access to special discounts to save on your coverage.

  • Helps you with out-of-pocket costs that often arise when you have a covered accident such as a fracture, dislocation, or laceration.

  • Legal insurance from ARAG® connects you with attorneys who can help address and resolve life’s legal or financial issues—like disputing a contractor’s charges, getting your will done or receiving a traffic ticket.

  • Click here to view your current voluntary elections and the billing/premium associated. Please note: plans will only be visible in My Account once billing has begun.

Program Advantages

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    Great rates that are typically lower than what you can find on your own

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    A one-stop shop for all your family’s voluntary benefits

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    Makes it easy and convenient to pay and budget

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    You may choose the benefits that fit your needs

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    You can keep it if you leave your current employer

Comcast is making this program available to you for your convenience. Comcast has not and will not receive any consideration in connection with the program. Your participation is completely voluntary, and Comcast does not endorse the program or recommend that you participate in it. COMCAST ALSO IS NOT PROVIDING YOU WITH OR ENDORSING ANY LEGAL ADVICE RECEIVED UNDER THIS PROGRAM. Comcast urges you to discuss your participation opportunity with your personal financial advisor or attorney.

PLEASE NOTE: Property coverage is not part of this offering in Florida. Due to increased risk associated with coastal property locations, the availability of property insurance coverage may be limited. Underwriting considerations include proximity to tidal waters, year built, construction, elevation and modifications which may have been made to the structure, i.e. hurricane shutters. As with all policies purchased through this program, eligibility for coverage is subject to the insurers underwriting guidelines.

Note: As a Florida property owner, you may want to have your coverage needs reviewed by a local agent who specializes in property coverage for Florida properties or review plans offered through the Florida State sponsored plan ( This program is not connected in any way with Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC. It is a private site promoted by the State of Florida due to the difficulty of obtaining coverage for properties located in Florida.